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Assessment Reports

At regular intervals, the IPCC presents comprehensive scientific assessments of the existing scientific, technical and socioeconomic literature on climate change. The broad and geographically-balanced participation of experts from all relevant fields of knowledge and the rigorous and transparent multi-stage review process result in authoritative and unbiased reports. The Fourth Assessment Report (AR4) has been published in 2007 and the Fifth Assessment Report (AR5) will be finalized in 2014.

To provide the best scientific knowledge to stakeholders, the IPCC WG III is leading a number of activities such as the publication of Special Reports and hosting expert meetings.

Special Reports

One of these activities is the publication of a Special Report on Renewable Energy Sources and Climate Change Mitigation (SRREN). As shown in the AR4, renewable energy sources can make a substantial contribution to climate change mitigation as early as 2030. The SRREN aims at a comprehensive assessment of renewable energy technologies and related policy and financial instruments by providing substantial new information, analyses, and evidence reported in the literature on the technological development and deployment, regional assessments, environmental, socioeconomic and sustainability impacts, cost reductions, and the practical experience with the implementation of renewable energies. The SRREN will be finalized and published in the first half of 2011.

Expert Meetings and Workshops

The IPCC organizes Expert Meetings and Workshops to facilitate discussions of topics relevant to the assessment process and to receive early input from the scientific community. In order to enhance coordination across the Working Groups in the preparation of the IPCC Assessment and Special Reports, topics of a cross-cutting nature are of particular interest. Proposals for Expert Meetings and Workshops are approved of by the IPCC Plenary. The nomination process for the two kinds of events differs, as for Workshops government nominate experts, while for Expert Meetings, attendees are nominated by the Working Group Co-Chairs.

The IPCC WG III TSU plays a strong scientific leadership role in Expert Meetings, Special Reports, and the Fifth Assessment Report, as well as in management of the complex communications and implementation activities associated with IPCC. It facilitates the work of the hundreds of volunteer authors and participants who contribute to these products, and ensures wide dissemination of the findings to a broad range of audiences – from the general public to the scientific community, decision makers and an array of other stakeholders. The TSU is housed at the Potsdam Institute for Climate Impact Research in Potsdam, Germany.

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